Upgrade to Windows 10


Things can go pear shaped when upgrading any system so it pays to have someone with the necessary experience to handle this task. Majority of users are in possession of computers that was purchased with pre-installed software. Bundled with this system is something that we in the industry call bloatware which is a number of applications that is packaged with your Windows system. At times these applications use up valuable computing resources.

The best way forward is to do a clean install. That is the tricky part. Data needs to be backed up and restored. Hardware configuration also needs to be taken into account. Updates have to be installed as these guard the user in areas such as security and functionality of applications. Another area to look at after that is anti-virus and safeguards against malware. Options can be explored here. Purchase a package or use free software.

This offer includes a system health check, upgradability, data back up and restore. This service also includes pick up and delivery and installation of your system. We would also show you around Windows 10 to get you going. Enjoy the experience.